Archiving Machine

Yes, archivist not only face a vast array of problems brought on by technologies, but they also have more power to eliminate, choose, and alter documents for the public view. Perhaps a code of ethics should be maintained, or security to ensure it is being safeguarded.

Richard Cox from the University of Pittsburgh says, “Some of this concern emanates from decisions being made by archivists that may weaken any emphasis on the paper–based manuscript.” Perhaps if a collection is being funded by a particular group, only certain objects will ever see the light.

Additionally, he comments that “New information technologies seem to threaten the creation of records and certainly their long–term maintenance. New information technologies seem to threaten the creation of records and certainly their long–term maintenance.”

Only time will tell, but attention should be drawn into answering these questions sooner than later, or history could be lost and altered in ways no one will comprehend.


~ by disembodiedspirit on October 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Archiving Machine”

  1. I must admit that I do get a bit nervous at the idea of books being digitized. I mean, there are possible problems that could arise and at least if the real thing exists, a person can always go back to that tangible item. But, digitizing sources would make research quicker and the way we live our lives now, how many of us really have time to spend at the library during the hours it is open? I also really liked your connection in class to the cuts in the economy effecting libraries. It is so true that these poor economic times are going to hit libraries hard and that is the last thing they need when trying to attract more people!

  2. I think establishing a set of ethical standards is extremely important. The archivist should not be eliminating pertinent information when digitizing materials. However, I still think more if lost of the materials are not digitized at all. Think about all that we have learned because of the web. I have found an abundance of useful resources on the web, that otherwise, I would not have found. Of course digitization is not perfect. It never will be. The process will get better and more efficient as more and more people become familiar with digital materials.

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