Librarian safeguarding

In an open letter to facebook and google, the author brings up many important points to safeguarding free access to information and privacy, both which the library provides. This is a near and dear topic, one I bring up in class often. Once the books and history is digitized, who owns it? Who owns it now and how is it manipulated for profit or to convince people of a certain opinion?

The author writes:”Libraries need to continue (and significantly grow) their work as professional guardians of community access to information.”

How many people visit the library? Daily, weekly, monthly yearly, never? What do they do there and what do they access as part of their free access.

In my trips to the library, wealthy Connecticut towns have more available and the library is swinging. Ones that can’t negotiate their contract correctly suffer, as do the people. Yet, I think if you polled it, there are many more opportunities to bring people in to the library. Perhaps when spending is tight, an increase will occur. Ultimately, the need for free access is the key and it should be safeguarded, as well as our privacy to view this material.


~ by disembodiedspirit on October 22, 2008.

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