the New Ecosystem

Michael Jon Jensen brings up the prediction of books being electronic by 2000, and this has come and gone and yet we are still in paper. In the textbook industry we see the trend shift, but the unwillingness for everyone to comply. That is student, publisher, professor, so there are waves and tensions there.

ebooks saves money tot he publisher and end user, for now–eventually the cost will be the same and there will be nothing the end user will have to show for it. A student buys a textbook and can resell it or use it as reference. An e-textbook is cheaper with no resale and can only be access for a year. Who wins?

Another important issue Jensen brings up is the issue of selection int he library and book stores. He says, “All the material, in any library, had been vetted several times over.” This is true. What makes it? What stays? And how will this control dwindle or become worse when it’s digitalized?

Yes,a new ecosystem will arise, but I see it as one where old print books are coveted and sold like sugar in colonial America.


~ by disembodiedspirit on October 22, 2008.

One Response to “the New Ecosystem”

  1. I view it as an ecosystem in which both books and digital materials will coexist. I certainly do not think books are going anywhere.

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